Heritage of Devold

For centuries, fishermen in the city of Ålesund, nestled amongst the islands and enveloped by the fjords, have set out to face the Norwegian Sea’s hazardous and unpredictable conditions.

In 1853, galvanised by the spirit and resilience of this community, Devold of Norway was born. Ole Andreas Devold set out to create knitwear suitable for land and sea, pieces that would protect against the elements, keeping workers warm and dry. As one of the worlds leading merino outdoor brands, Devold of Norway continues its dedication to mastering wool.

Born out of the same heritage, O.A.D. builds on 170 years of craftsmanship and knitwear expertise, creating refined pieces for a classic, considered wardrobe.

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Devold of Norway

The recognition of Devold’s master craftsmanship was cemented when the great polar explorers of the time, such as Lincoln Ellsworth, chose Devold to outfit their expeditions. In the harsh tundra, the garments were put to the ultimate test, and the Devold brand emerged as an expert in outdoor performance gear.

Through passion, hard work and the relentless pursuit of innovation, the business continued to grow; and today, Devold remains one of Norway’s most respected brands, recognised for their unparalleled mastery of wool.

O.A.D. remains true to Ole Andreas Devold’s principles, building on the knowledge acquired through centuries of innovation and craftsmanship to create knits with a more refined and contemporary aesthetic. With a modern and sustainable mindset, O.A.D. finds itself at the intersection of quality and sustainability, ready to forge a brave new path into the future.

Photo: National Library of Norway

Photo: National Library of Norway

A legacy of wool

All across Norway, hills, mountains and pastures have always been dotted with grazing sheep. For centuries we have been shearing wool, one of the world's most unique and versatile resources. Naturally water-repellent and with a superior ability to regulate temperature and humidity, wool is the perfect companion in harsh weather, keeping us dry and temperate in any season. 

Using our knowledge, rooted in our Devold heritage, we continue the tradition of mastering wool. Not only because it’s a natural and beautifully functional material but because this biodegradable and renewable resource is part of our legacy. 

Our Classic Patterns

With 170 years of experience, Devold has developed a broad selection of knitwear, creating a vast archive of patterns. O.A.D. strives to reimagine and redefine these heritage patterns, to create a timeless collection inspired by the vintage Norwegian knits and styles in the Devold archives.

Each garment we produce is thoughtfully considered and crafted to combine classic design with luxurious materials. By taking a modern approach to traditional silhouettes, we create timeless styles that will last for generations.

Iconic Blaatrøie

For our first collection, we are relaunching one of Ole Andreas Devold’s first designs, the iconic Blaatrøie. Its unique tightly-woven knitting technique and water-repellent qualities made it an indispensable garment for the fisherman of the 19th and 20th centuries. With our updates, it will remain a staple for the 21st century and beyond.

Classic Lus

Another classic we are reimagining is the Lus pattern, a definitive traditional design in the history of Norwegian knits. The smallest pattern possible with two threads, the Lus was intentionally designed to enhance wool’s insulating properties to keep fishermen warm at sea. With O.A.D., we are proud to introduce this traditional pattern in premium mohair wool.

The Designer

When approaching the design for O.A.D., Olmes Caretti had a clear vision in mind: "The Norwegian spirit, infused into premium designs that feel at home wherever you are in the world." 

The legendary designer, and native of the town of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, has a creative spirit that transcends borders and boundaries, clearly evident in his work throughout the five decades of his career. Working with internationally-acclaimed brands and his own label, Best Company, Carretti defined generations of European youth in the 1980s and 1990s.

Carretti’s history with Devold started in 1995 and resulted in some of the label's most iconic sweaters, including the classic Svalbard. His designs became timeless status symbols, thanks to an unwavering belief that styles should be beautiful and technical, combining premium materials and innovative production techniques to create pieces that look as good as they perform.

With O.A.D., Olmes Carretti revisits the allure of the Norwegian landscape, harnessing his passion for nature and its inspiring colours, with a collection that recalls the fjords and forests in every slip stitch and every ribbed border.