Care Products

Our care products will help to maintain high quality and make your garments last longer.

Steamery Fabric Shaver
Steamery Fabric Shaver

Steamery Fabric Shaver

70 EUR

- Aesthetic design and high functionality

- Easy to clean from fuzz

- Shaving time: 2 hours

- Short charging time, able to shave whilst charging

- Two standing positions, easy to manage

O.A.D. Dust bag

O.A.D. Dust bag

15 EUR

- One size

- Fits one O.A.D. garment

- 50x50cm


Repair Service

We hope our garments become a favourite in your closet, and we know wear and tear may occur with frequent use. If your favourite sweater needs mending, we want to help you in every way possible.

You can ship your garment to O.A.D. in Langevåg, where we offer repair service with our local seamstress Jannicke and her team of wool experts. 

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O.A.D. Care Guide

Our appreciation for wool and experience with knitwear has taught us a great deal about caring for wool garments. The premium quality wool that we use is, by its very nature, a durable and lasting material. We believe that we all have a responsibility to be kind to nature, and one of the easiest things you can do is to take good care of what you already have. Our care guide is a collection of advice on maintaining the quality of your O.A.D. garment to make it live on for decades.

Air out your garment,

wash less and with care

Wool is a self-cleaning material, so you don’t need to wash your O.A.D. garment too frequently. Airing the garment after use is enough to make it feel fresh and remove any odours. 

Avoid washing, but if you need a cleanse, we recommend cold hand wash program - never more than 30 degrees, or professional dry cleaning only. Use a mild, low-impact detergent explicitly made for wool. Do not use fabric softener and avoid tumble drying as the heat can cause damage to the fibres. 

Dry flat after washing,

fold rather than hang

Always lay your O.A.D. garment flat to dry, preferably on a towel; this will help the garment retain its shape and quality. Air drying is also the most sustainable way to dry your garment.

Your O.A.D. garment should always be folded instead of hung; this helps keep its shape and avoids any unnecessary stretching of the knit. We recommend giving your garment a breath of fresh air from time to time to restore the natural properties of the wool. 

Pilling is normal,

and will occur less over time

Wool garments are prone to pilling in areas exposed to friction. A common misconception is that this is a sign of a poor-quality garment, but it is the exact opposite; the finest wool grades are made from the thinnest fibers. This means tiny fibres can come to the surface and get tangled, resulting in pilling. Pilling is natural, but if you want to remove them, go ahead; it won't ruin your garment. The pilling will occur less over time. 

Cedar balls keeps

uninvited visitors away

The best way to avoid moth infestations is to use your wool regularly instead of storing it in your closet. To protect against moths when stored, your garment should preferably be placed in a dust bag with several cedar balls.

Repair Yarn

As part of our responsibility to the planet and to further ensure the long life of our garments, we keep a comprehensive archive of the yarn used in each O.A.D. collection, ensuring that you can always find what you need to repair your item.

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